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American Jock Contrast Singlet Detail 1
American Jock Contrast Singlet Detail 2
American Jock Contrast Singlet
Red with Black - 80% Polyester 20% Lycra
We've brought in totally see-through singlets and singlets with the ass cut out of them but we know some of you want a traditional singlet with a bit of style for those more conservative wrestling matches (whether it's in a professional ring or at your local bar's jello wrestling contest)

The great thing about American Jock's singlet is it's styled like a genuine high school wrestling uniform with a scoop front neck along with spacious armholes for extra mobility and contrast side panels for an ultra-sporty appearance.

As expected and desired, the suit is made with polyester and lycra for that body hugging feature of a singlet but with enough stretch to not flatten that bulge of yours too much.

Like most singlets, they are very forgiving as they stretch big time. Sizing is more a personal preference and you should consider not only waist size, but weight and height.We have given you a sizing guideline below based on your weight. American Jock gives their recommended sizing by waist size: (small: 28 - 30 inch) (medium: 31 - 33 inch) (large: 34 - 36 inch) (xlarge: 37 - 39 inch). Just remember, singlets are supposed to be tight, so if you're in doubt, it's probably better to go down a size than up a size.
41.00 USD
color: Black
price: $22.00 $11.00 USD

color: White
price: $14.95 USD

color: Black Shine
price: $22.00 USD

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