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Blue Line 3 Inch Performance Jockstrap - Black

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Blue Line 3 Inch Performance Jockstrap Detail 1
Blue Line 3 Inch Performance Jockstrap Detail 2
Blue Line 3 Inch Performance Jockstrap
Black - 90% Polyester 10% Spandex
Blue Line jockstraps are sleek, stealthy, sexy and insanely inexpensive.

There's simply nothing else out there like this. Upon first look, this jockstrap is styled after the classic jockstraps with a traditional full masculine 3 inch wide waistband complete with sport striping and centered info label and logo front and center on the outside, but what makes this jockstrap unique is the pouch: It's generously cut and made from a slinky microfiber that also has a huge amount of stretch - trust us, it can handle whatever you put in it. With this awesome fabric, your boys will be writing you thank you letters. Of course, being slinky and stretchy means it hugs your every curve and bulge showing your off quite nicely.

Finally, 3/4 inch elastic leg straps finish off the design.

Keep in mind that although the waistband and straps are sturdy, because of the pouch, you won't get the support of a sports jock, but what you do get is a masculine styled jock that treats your boys right.
18.00 USD
color: Big League
price: $28.00 USD

color: Charcoal and Red
price: $24.00 $20.40 USD

color: Black
price: $12.00 USD

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