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We'd like to thank everyone who entered and also everyone who voted for making our fifth Show Us Your Jockstrap Contest such a phenomenal success! There were 206 entries and over 2000 votes. The totals are now in - here are the top four voted winners who will be receiving shopping sprees on Jockstrap Central. Prizes are in the form of certificates to use on Jockstrap Central. First prize is $150, Second is $100, Third is $50, and Fourth is $25.

447 votes:

352 votes:

284 votes:

268 votes:

Here's our randomly selected winners who will also win shopping sprees. The first receives a $75 gift certificate, the second, a $50 gift certificate, and the third, a $25 gift certificate. You can click the photos below to see the full size versions.

Finally, as a bonus and unannounced prize, we've chosen our favorite entry purely based on artistic merit. This entry will receive a $50 gift certificate as well.